Impressive Book

Before I 2 weeks ago, I read a book. This book name is ‘아프니깐 청춘이다’. This book mention to teach. This book is teach the youth of this age lesson. This book wasn’t main character, but all readers main character.

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I’m news reporter.

This is  Rose Fesival Park in the Chosun University. Many people are see a rose, and shot photo, walking. Rose are very beautiful, so many couple are taking a pose by photo, and Many family are talking, walking etc. I think many people happy, just moment enjoing. I’m very envy other people.

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My Life

Now, my life is so so. Recently, I don’t like study, school, people , because life is simple. Why am I don’t know. I’m not happy, and enjoing, but I have a lot of work, I must be working.

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Create own story.

Appreciating Coffee Shop.

During the drinking coffee I feel the good taste.

I like coffee. The coffee taste is like fly the sky.

The coffee taste as good as made in colombia.

Frankly, That senstence is over. ^^&

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My favorite Music.


I like music of balad, dance but what kind of music variety .

I think that are important feeling, rhythm, lyrics.

Recently, I like singer name is G.NA

She is very cute, sexy, femininty and age is same that I want her.

She’s album total 7th.

Among them fifth album name is first meeting with Whee Sung.

This songs I want to now.

Lyrics very want to girl friend that now is spring .

See a flower festival want want !

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Meeting Him.


One person who has died already but whom I would like to meet

and chat with is Kim Su Hwan cardinal.

There are three reasons why I would like to meet face to face and

share a conversation with Kim Su Hwan cardinal.

The first reason is my religion to same Catholicism.

He is same pope in the Korea catholic.

He is famous in the Korea and very get respect.

Meet the reason, I no face to face.

A second reason is his good thing and faith.

His leave talk, ‘I was too much love, do love.’

And ‘fighting for justice for whom would you?’.

I’m very impress his talk.

The final reason is I want to respect with other people.

My family house motto is ‘Have virtue and respectable person’.

I hope to meet Kim Su Hwan cardinal.

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Shall we travel?


I want to visit in Sydney, Australia.

We go there ride a by airport . I want to visit some reasons to see an animal.

First, I want to see kangaroo, koala because I can’t saw the animal.

This animal is very lovely, cute.

Next, I’d like to visit to opera house.

That is playing the musical , a play. I want to see an Opera a ghost(Phantom of the opera)

and Cat’s.

I read the Opera a ghost but I havn’t see.

Cat’s very famous musical I want to see.

Last reasons this country is safety.  I alike a foreigner people are very important because

I’m valuable // ^^

And I walking to the seashore with whoever.

Example parent, friends, colleague. I hope with girlfriend but I sole.

Shall we walk?

I want to stay 1 year. I’m looking forward to visiting this city.

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